Magnetar Classic 150kg Retrieving Magnet


The use of retrieving magnets in agriculture and everyday life is becoming more and more popular. Magnetar Classic 150kg will help to clean water bodies and to retrieve metal objects from inaccessible places.

The magnet will easily extract metal objects from water depths and a layer of earth, and will clear the area of ​​iron construction debris.

The neodymium magnet is made from a compound of boron, neodymium and iron. Its adhesive capacity holds large items weighing up to 150 kg.

Magnetar Classic can be used at long range. For this you need a rope or secure twine of a necessary length. The rope is mounted on a special hardware eyebolt.

A 150 kg magnet is suitable for expeditions, water depths explorations, the search for valuable things and the collection of metal debris.

Clearing the backyard from old iron has now become much easier. The magnet for field conditions will collect all the iron trash from the homesite, which will save your gardening tools from possible damage.

Magnetar Classic 150kg is an excellent underwater magnet for object search and retrieval. It is convenient and practical to use. Any person without special physical training can find and get metal objects from the lake, river or well depths. Simply put the mounted magnet into the water and take out the lost item.

Please note that the managers of our online store can help you select the size of the magnet and the required capacity, taking into account the specificity and the need for field or search work.


Adhesion 150 kg
Weight 290 g
Diametrs 64 mm

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