Code: 3228-0005

Metal Detector Minelab E-Trac RU (3228-0005)


Features: Perhaps, one of the remarkable features of the new model of the metal detector E-Trac is a completely Russified interface. It is hardly possible now to hear the opinion that this is a complex metal detector. Engineers have tried to make it as simple as possible, as they say - turned on and work. Even a beginner can immediately start working, using only the factory settings.
Now there is no need to create a mask of discrimination and customization, all this can be downloaded from the Internet by connecting E-Trac to the computer via the USB port.
Professional E-Trac has the best discriminator in the world, because it uses two physical properties of metal - conductivity and inductance - to determine the type of metal, with the information displayed on the display in the form of a graph. This allows you to very accurately determine the type of metal and work including on heavily littered areas, for example in a city park or on the beach, easily ignoring rubbish.
A new 32-bit microprocessor accelerated the processing of 28 frequency signals and allowed to increase the discrimination scale to a size of 50x35 units, 1750 segments, thereby improving the quality of discrimination. In the 3rd model of the Explorer SE metal detector, the discrimination scale is 31x31, 961 segments.
• A new technology for determining the depth to the target accurately determines the depth, allowing you to distinguish between surface debris, from a valuable find lying deeper. If desired, you can ignore unnecessary surface targets when searching for old coins or treasure.
• New sensitivity adjustment system and automatic ground adjustment technology with digital filtering AGC allows you to always maintain maximum sensitivity, regardless of soil mineralization and hot stones. You can use both manual and automatic sensitivity adjustment. A special soil mineralization indicator will help to properly adjust the sensitivity.
• Perhaps, one of the main features of E-Trac is a completely Russified interface. Engineers have tried to make it as simple as possible, as they say - turned on and work. Even a beginner can immediately start working, using only the factory settings.
• Simple Discrimination Mask QuickMask is a useful tool to check or ignore, for example, small iron targets without creating a special complex discrimination mask. QuickMask is similar to the discrimination masks used in conventional metal detectors and can be used as a "all metals" mode. Adjusting the FE parameter of the scale vertically from 1 to 35 allows you to ignore the iron targets. Adjusting the CE horizontally from 1 to 50 allows you to ignore colored targets, for example, foil falls into the range from 1 to 2.
• To recognize the type of metal in the E-Trac metal detector, the SmartFind target graphic system is used as a coordinate system with CO-axes (Conductivity-Inductance) from 1 to 50 and FE (Ferrous-Conductivity) from 1 to 35 units. The metal detector checks both parameters of the detected target and displays the information in a graphical and numerical form. This discrimination system allows the most accurate determination of the type of metal and today is the best in the world, since the target is checked not only by the conductivity of the metal, but also by inductance. The screen is divided into two parts - black and white. The white zone is the target receiving area, the black zone is the ignoring area. The graphical display is duplicated by a numeric one, which is easier to remember and allows you to fine tune the discriminator.
• For the first time in the world, the E-Trac metal detector has the opportunity to exchange settings and masks of discrimination with friends via the Internet, connecting a metal detector to a computer via a normal USB port.
E-Trac specifications:
Technology - FBS is the 28th frequency detection technology with frequencies from 1.5 to 100 kHz.
 AGC - automatic adjustment to ground with digital filtration.
 Smartfind is a technology for determining the type of metal by inductance and conductivity.
 Number of operating frequencies - 28 frequencies from 1.5 to 100 kHz
 Microprocessor control - Microprocessor 32bit, 48MHz
 Balance adjustment - Automatic.
New AGS ground balance technology with digital filtration
 Number of programs stored by the user - 4
 Display Backlight - Luminescent.
 Discrimination - Graphical + numeric, Smartfind, QuickMask
 The scale of discrimination - 50х35 - By inductance and conductivity. 1750 segments of discrimination.
 Interface - USB port
 Pinpoint Pinpoint Detection Mode (Static Mode) - Yes, sound and graphics modes.
 Indicator of target depth - Yes, from 0 to 30 cm.
 Sensitivity adjustment - From 1 to 30, automatic or manual with soil mineralization indicator.
 Volume control - Yes, 1 to 30.
 Recognition of the type of non-ferrous metal by sound - 1,2,4 or polyphony. Built-in speaker or stereo earphones 100 ohms.
 Background tone - Yes, from 1 to 50, with a tone adjustment from 1 to 30.
 Adjustment from electrical interference - Automatic or manual, from 1 to 11.
 Coil - DoubleD 11 "FBS.
 8 AA batteries, working time from alkaline batteries or battery 1600 mA / hour up to 12 hours.
 LCD Display Size - 240 x 160 pixels (72 mm x 48 mm).
 Length - Minimum: 1060 mm, maximum: 1380 mm.
 Weight with batteries, kg - 1,875.
 * FBS Coil 11 "DoubleD with protective coating
 * A box for 8 batteries.

 Optional accessories:
 * Coil 8 ", 15" and 18 ",
 * Battery 1600 Ah,
 * Charger 220V,
 * Car charger 12V,
 * KOSS headphones,
 * Cover on the control unit,
 * Bag for carrying and storing the detector.
 Warranty on the control unit
• Control unit for metal detector.
• Handle cover
• Armrest with mounting bolt,
• Armrest strap,
• Rubber cover for battery compartment
• Top bar,
• Lower carbon rod,
• A box for 8 AA batteries,
• Coil 11 "FBS
• Protective coating for coil 11 "
• Bolt and nut for mounting the coil 11 inches.
• Rubber washers for mounting the coil - 2 pcs.
• Wire to connect to a computer,
• CD disc,
• Instruction in Russian.
• Warranty card for 3 years.


Battery type 8 x AA
Frequency 1.5-100 kHz
Coil FBS 11" DD
Weight 1.9 kg

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