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Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector+Waterproof Search Coil 6" Equinox


GIFTS: Waterproof Search Coil 6" Equinox
Minelab EQUINOX 800 Series Metal Detector

Metal detector Equinox 800 from Minelab is a device that is suitable for finding treasures in the ground both by average searches and professionals. The sensitivity of the metal detector allows easy findings of small golden items, silver or nonferrous metals in the ground. 

Main characteristics of the detector of metals:

  • Compatibility with the cordless headset.

  • Operating frequency from 5 up to 40 kHz.

  • Set search modes - 8.

  • Discrimination - 50 segments.

  • Automatic and manual ground balancing.

The packaging arrangement of the device is represented by a Smart search coil, a Bluetooth headset, a USB cord, WM08 headphones and the LCD screen protection cover. A waterproof 11” DD coil will cope with the target detection in the water with the depth of up to three meters. 

Searchers who are focused on finding interesting objects in every ground layer can buy an Equinox 800 metal detector in our shop at a profit. The detector is simple in use and it shows great results. 
Minelab 6″ EQX 06 Double-D Waterproof Smart Search Coil for Equinox Series Metal Detectors.

If you are the owner of metal detectors Equinox 600 or Equinox 800, a unique coil from Minelab will help to discover all the advantages of the device. 

Rather small, just 6 inches in diameter, the coil is absolutely water resistant. Small weight allows engaging in difficult searching operations for long periods of time. 

The search coil is effective even on the highly littered sites. The smallest targets will be detected thanks to high manoeuvring ability of the sniper coil. 

Coil characteristics:

  • Type of the device Double-D.

  • Suitable for searching in the water.

  • Works at the Multi-IQ frequency.

  • Weight – 300 grams.

  • Maximum immersion depth - up to three meters.

High sensitivity to small targets makes the coil an essential instrument in the search for jewellery. 

You can buy a universal waterproof coil for DD Equinox detectors in our shop together with the cover that comes as the part of the set. 


Type Ground
Frequency 5-40 kHz
Battery type Accumulator
Coil 11" DD
Weight 0.3 kg
Water resistance up to 3 meters
Beginners No
Advanced Yes
Professional Yes
Treasure and artifacts Yes
Beach finds Yes
Underwater Yes
Gold Yes
Frequency up to 9 kHz Yes
Frequency 10-15 kHz Yes
Frequency from 16 kHz Yes
Coil to 10" No
Coil 11-14" Yes
Coil from 15" No
DD coil Yes
PinPoint Yes
Water resistant 3 m
Volume control Yes
Display backlight Yes
3.5mm headphone jack Yes
6.3mm headphone jack No

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