Magnetar Classic 350kg Retrieving Magnet


In the contemporary market neodymium magnets are quite popular. The fact that they are in great demand can be explained by excellent working characteristics, the simplicity of use and durability. If you need a powerful magnet that is able to cope with retrieving heavy weight objects, a searching magnet Magnetar Classic 350 kg will help you.  

The Magnet with the 350 kg pulling force is suitable for retrieving heavy metal objects out of gorges, chasms and wells. With Magnetar Classic, magnetic fishing will become more effective.

Fishing magnet pulls objects out of rivers, lakes and ponds even if they are covered with rust and ooze. The main thing is to make sure that there is cohesion between the object and Magnetar Classic 350 kg. The size of the object doesn’t matter!

The neodymium magnet for ground searching will be handy for farmers, willing to clean their agricultural property from metal junk. The magnet will do a great job of picking up nails and armoring from the soil.

Neodymium magnet works at both high and low temperatures, doesn’t require any special treatment or  special storing conditions. The only warning the manufacturer makes is to handle the product with care and not to put fingers between the magnet and metal load.

It is possible to buy a searching magnet in this modification or choose the product of different power.

Make notice! The size of the magnet and the needed power can be chosen by the managers of our internet shop with taking into consideration the specifics of ground searching or water fishing operations.


Adhesion 350 kg
Diameter 75 mm
Weight 970 g

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