Code: D28

XP Deus 28cm (11") DD Search Coil (D28)


For more than fifteen years, the specialists of the French company XP Metal Detectors, whose office is located in the city of Toulouse, are engaged in the development and production of innovative high-performance metal detectors. Designed by engineers of the company in cooperation with a team of search engine professionals, they correspond to the maximum expectations of users. At the same time for all models of XP Metal Detectors are characterized autonomy of power (independence from its external sources), high selectivity and ergonomic design.
In the series of metal detectors XP DEUS embodied design convenience and optimal performance: increased depth of detection, speed of signal processing, ease of construction. To expand the capabilities of such professional metal detectors, it is worth to buy a round coil Coil XP 28 cm DEUS (D28), which is famous for its greater depth of search in comparison with the standard one. Wireless communication with the control unit and / or headphones, the indicator of the discharge of the battery, the moisture protection of the case and an additional protective cover are all a coil with a diameter of twenty-eight centimeters. Thanks to the built-in battery, the device is able to function for 12-21 hours.


Model Deus
Coil type DD
Frequency 4 / 8 / 12 / 18 kHz
Dimension 48x32 cm
Weight 400 g
Type Coil

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