Kodas: 3011-0221

FBS 11" DoubleD coil (3011-0221)


Waterproof 11" Search Coil from Minelab, Compatible with Minelab E-Series

Minelab’s ultra-light and ultra-tough 11" DD coil has been redesigned to pickup the smaller targets better and deeper. You will get improved separation of targets over previous Explorer coils. Your detector’s sensitivity can be operated at a higher level with less noise and interference. Other improvements are reduced weight and improved balance, sharper pinpointing and low resistance in shallow water hunting. This coil is also waterproof.

  • Waterproof
  • 11" in Diameter
  • Designed for Minelab E-Series
  • Sharp Pinpointing and Low Resistance in Shallow Water Hunting

  • E-TRAC
  • Safari
  • Explorer SE Pro
  • Explorer SE
  • Explorer II
  • Quattro MP
  • Explorer XS
  • Explorer S


Model Safari / E-trac / Explorer
Type Ritė

⚬ Per 7-14 dienų po užsakymo
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