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Garrett 8" PROformance Mono Search Coil (Sea Hunter Mark II)


Waterproof 8" Search Coil from Garrett, Designed for Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II. Works Great on Both Land and Water

This monoloop search coil is made for use with the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector. This search coil sends a different shaped signal into the ground, hunting out coins, rings, jewelry, and other small valuables like a bloodhound. Metal detector users have deemed this size search coil as the “optimum” size to search target areas that the larger coils can’t navigate, such as around tree roots, close to metal buildings, and near sidewalks. This 8” PROformance coil is also a great performer in highly mineralized soils as well as being fully submersible, giving you the versatility to hunt for your treasures on land as well as in water.

  • Waterproof;
  • 8" in Diameter;
  • Works Great on Both Land and Water;
  • Designed for Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.


Model Sea Hunter Mark II
Coil type Mono
Frequency 0.75 kHz
Dimension 20.3 cm
Weight 680 g
Type Ritė

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