XP Deus Remote Controller (D08)


Metal detectors Deus are currently occupying one of the leading positions in the market of detectors. Lightweight and compact, they have implemented all the technology achievements in the area of searching products.

One of the special features of Deus metal detectors is the complete autonomy of the searching coil. All the received data is transmitted directly from the coil to the cordless headset with its own interface or to the detector control box. Thanks to the remote control, it has become more convenient and much faster  to work with the metal searching device.

Detector control box features:

  • The latest firmware has been installed (according to the ХP Metaldetectors manufacturer’s website  ).
  • User friendly interface.
  • Power charging through a  USB slot.
  • Digital identification is shown on the screen.
  • The connection with the search coil is through the serial number, shown in the setting process
  • All data, collected by the search coil, comes to the detector control box, and then the information is transmitted to the headset. With the help of  the remote control the user chooses one of the programs, suggested by the developer, or set their own search parameters. The functionality of the metal detector will increase with a remote control box, enhancing the search quality.

At our store you can buy a control box together with a variety of Deus models, or independently from other products.  


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