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8 mm x 20 m Rope for Search Magnet "Black Magnet"


To prevent your magnet from falling to the bottom together with your treasure, it is necessary to use only high quality strong rope. A 8 mm search magnet cord is an excellent decision if you need to lift heavy load from the bottom of a water body or a well.  

A cord for magnets from a Latvian brand Black Magnet is the choice of real search professionals. It is so because the manufacturer of search magnets knows for sure what a rope should be like:

  • the braiding consists of nylon threads, 
  • it is highly durable,
  • it doesn’t get tattered with multiple uses.

Thanks to the tight braiding of the polypropylene threads, this cord for search magnets is maximally durable and tearproof. This soft but strong rope doesn’t slip or swell and its breaking properties don’t change after it gets wet. Even if you accidentally drop the end of the rope, it can be easily found because it doesn’t sink in the water.  

The search magnet doesn’t require special conditions for storage or any additional drying after use. It doesn’t fade in the sun, doesn’t give in to decay and resistant to chemical compounds.  


  • usage: for magnets from 200 up to 600 kg;
  • rope material: polypropylene;
  • breaking load: 800 kg;
  • diameter: 8 mm;
  • length: 20 m;
  • number of core threads: 7;
  • number of braiding threads: 32;
  • latch hook material: stainless steel 304 SS;
  • latch hook size: 40х80 mm.

This rope will pass all the tests in any situation and everybody will envy your great catch!


Type Rope
Diameter 8 mm
Latch hook 40x80 mm, 304 SS
Max. load 800 kg
Material Polypropylene, PP
Length 20 m

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