Armrest kit Equinox Alloy Armrest kit, 22mm, black


The Detect-Ed metal alloy armrest is a high-quality CNC cut aluminium part with all edges aligned and flat. The main function of the armrest is to replace those armrests made of plastic - they are often easily broken and impractical. The ergonomic cuff is designed to wrap around the arm, fitting easily over the entire diameter. The created holes allow the metal armrest to be screwed in the desired position, but the included belt with clips does not allow the hand to ride on the support, but holds it firmly in it. Maximum forearm size: 381mm.

This armrest is compatible with:

  • Minelab Equinox 600
  • Minelab Equinox 800
  • Minelab Gold Monster
  • Garrett AT Pro
  • Garrett AT Gold
  • Garrett AT Max
  • Garrett Ace Series
  • Fits most Whites Detectors
The set includes:
  • Anodized aluminium arm cup and stand
  • 2pcs. aluminium pipe clamp sets
  • 4pcs. 316 low profile stainless screws
  • 4pcs. 316 Nyloc nuts
  • 1 piece. hand straps Velcro 12 "/ 30cm
  • 1 piece. hexagon key tool
  • 1 piece. wrench
  • 1 piece. foam padding


Material Anodized aluminum
Weight 300 g

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