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Classic vismagneet Magnetar Bulldog 400


Magnetar Bulldog 400 is a magnet made from high quality neodymium alloy. The main purpose of a neodymium magnet is to work with heavy objects.

A 400 kg magnet withstands heavy metal products. Such devices are used in industrial enterprises, farms, large-scale production.

Magnetar Bulldog 400 has a double-sided working surface. Two mounting bolts are provided for its horizontal and vertical use.

The main advantage of this retrieving magnet is a small percentage of demagnetization (no more than 1-2%). The stability of attraction persists for decades. The powerful adhesion force easily attracts and tears off a weight of up to 400 kg from the surface.

Magnetar Bulldog 400 is an excellent magnet for field conditions. With its help, it is easy not only to find metal products, but also to move them along the ground for a long time.

Neodymium magnets are multifunctional. The devices perfectly retrieve heavy objects from the water.

The underwater magnet will firmly hold the finding and allow it to be taken out from the depths. To safely extract the finding from the reservoir to hard ground, use both hardware rings that function as fasteners.

Magnetar Bulldog 400 can perform such tasks that conventional metal detectors cannot cope with. The traction force of 200 kilograms makes it possible to discover large-scale findings and facilitate their transportation.

You can buy the original neodymium magnet in our store. The quality of the product remains unchanged for many years.



Adhesion 200 kg
Weight 970 g
Diametrs 75 mm

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