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Garrett GTI 2500


The metal detector Garrett GTI 2500 is a reliable device with excellent technical data. Instant reaction to the target, accurate target identification, increased depth and area of detection, different working modes - these are just a few advantages of GTI 2500.

Characteristics of the metal detector:

  • Purpose: for professional search.

  • Operating frequency – 7.2 kHz.

  • Graphic analyzer gives information about the metal, the depth of location, size of the target. 

  • Built-in pinpointer.

  • Voice message about the last finding.

  • Sensitivity adjustment-yes

  • Discrimination- yes.

  • Depth of coin detection up to 40 cm, weapons – up to 1.5 m, other large objects – up to 2-3 meters.

  • Factory settings can be completed with your own programs.

  • Junk elimination function.

  • Large LED- display (with illumination) shows multiple parameters.

  • Time of operation – up to 25 hours continuously (optimally - 15 hours).

The detector of metals is supplied with a search coil Imaging with waterproof properties and the diameter of 9.5 inches. Buy a metal detector with a three-section pole and a removable power supply unit today. Just make an online order on the sight of the shop.  



Frequency 7.2 kHz
Battery type 8xAA
Coil 9"
Weight 2.1 kg
Professional Yes
Treasure and artifacts Yes
Gold Yes
Coil to 10" Yes
PinPoint Yes
Volume control Yes
Display backlight Yes

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