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Garrett Search Coil Treasure Hound - Depth Multiplier (GTI 2500)


Optional Search Coil from Garrett, Designed for Garrett GTI 2500. Specialized Coil System Capable of Finding Large Targets

The Garrett Treasure Hound™ with EagleEye Depth Multiplier is an optional search coil, an accessory designed for use with the Garrett GTI 2500 detector. It is a specialized coil system capable of finding larger targets and can quickly pinpoint at more than two times the normal depth when compared to most standard search coils. Generally speaking, the Treasure Hound™ Depth Multiplier should be used when searching for metal objects the size of a can, jar, or for elongated objects such as large metal pipes, tubing or culverts. In addition, small targets such as coins can be found using the EagleEye™ Pinpointing front search coil.

  • Specialized Coil System
  • Designed for the Garrett GTI 2500
  • Capable of Finding Larger Targets and Can Quickly Pinpoint at More than Two Times the Normal Depth
  • Best Utilized when Searching for Metal Objects the Size of a Can, Jar, or for Elongated Objects such as Large
  • Metal Pipes, Tubing or Culverts


Type Coil
Model GTI 2500
Coil type DD
Frequency 7.2 kHz
Dimension 129x40 cm
Weight 2100 g

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