Detect-Ed Lower carbon shaft for detectors Equinox LS Original Black


To connect the search coil securely, it is essential to have a durable functional detector rod. For Equinox models of metal detectors the ideal option will be the bottom rod for detectors Equinox LS Original Black. 

Bottom rod for a metal detector has some key features:

  • Rod material  - high quality carbon fibre

  • Fittings made from light stainless steel

  • Has the optimal length - 610 mm

  • Can be easily connected to the top detector rod

  • Resistant to dust, water or any aggressive environment

  • The latch on the end of the rod securely connects the search coil

Thanks to the opportunity of connecting the top and the bottom rods, the searcher can adjust the overall length of the construction.  

You can buy a bottom metal detector rod separately or go for a universal set of two rods.


Model Equinox LS Original
Material Carbon
Weight 50 gr

● Available 1 pcs.
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