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Metal detector Makro Kruzer - 14kHz


The water resistance of Makro Kruzer metal detector functions at the depth of 5 m (according to IP68). Please note that Kruzer metal detectors are the only ones that correspond to IP68 protection degree.
Manufacturers have improved "Beach" working mode.
It functions on the coasts, where salt water or sand may obstruct the work of the detector.
Makro Kruzer is characterized by excellent discrimination at altitude and perfectly identifies various targets in the ground.
Frequency - 14 kHz.
In the three-tone mode, it is instantly refreshed (sensitivity up to 90).
The new EUD parameter (Extra Underground depth), which allows you to work on heavily metal-contaminated areas, as well as in the areas with highly mineralized soil.
Due to the improved suppression of electromagnetic pulses, it is now possible to organize exploration also under power lines.
The detector has 6 different search modes.
Target determination depth is user configurable.
The metal detector weighs only 1.4 kg.
You will surely enjoy wireless headphones that function through WiFi (2.6 Hz).
The excellent and convenient advantage of Kruzer is its ability to charge the battery without stopping the exploration with the help of the powerbank and the waterproof cassette for AA batteries that are included in the kit. The operating time of the built-in battery lasts up to 19 hours.
Alongside with the new detector series, the manufacturer has worked out 5 new coils, one of which is a mono coil!
The software is updated via the internet.


Frequency 14 kHz
Battery type Accumulator
Coil 11"x7" DD
Weight 1.4 kg

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