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Metal detector Minelab EQUINOX 900 + GIFT: PRO-FIND 40


Minelab EQUINOX 900 Metal Detector

The Minelab Equinox 900 metal detector with Multi-IQ technology significantly increases the depth and stability of detecting targets of any size in any ground, allows you to ignore ground interference, and also can be completely submerged under water to a depth of 5 meters.

Metal detector advantages:

  • Single frequency options:  4/5/10/15/20/40 kHz, Multi IQ+
  • Hight-resolution target IDs: 119 Target IDs (99 non-ferrous and 20 ferrous)
  • Targer separation: Adjust recovery speed and Iron Bias to sort trash from treasure
  • Supreme all-terrain detecting: Park, Field, Beach and Gold search modes
  • Extreme precidion: Stable IDs at depth and pinpoint mode
  • Audio control: 5 Audio modes with configuration options
  • Loud and clear audio: Low latency wireless headphones, In-built speaker
  • Lighting and vibration: Control pod flashlight, red backlight display, backlit keypad and handgrip vibration.


  • All Metal Shortcut
  • 8 x Custom Search Profiles
  • Ground Balance: Auto, Manual, Tracking
  • Sensitivity levels: 1 – 28
  • Target Volume: 0 – 25
  • Threshold Level: 0 – 25
  • Target Tones: 1,2, 5, All Tones (At), Depth (dP)
  • Tone Break: Ferrous, Non-ferrous (t1, t2, t3, t4)
  • Recovery Speed: 1 – 8
  • Iron Bias: 0 – 3
  • Waterproof: 5m (16 ft) IP68
  • Depth Indicator: 5 Levels
  • Pinpoint Mode
  • Length: Collapsed: 61 cm – Extended: 144 cm
  • Weight: 1.27 kg
  • Display. Monochrome LCD
  • EQX11 11″ Double-D coil with skid plate and  EQX06 6″ Coil with skid plate
  • 3.7V/5100 mAh Internal Lithium-lon battery.

The weight of the device is 1.27 kg, length - 1440 cm. The metal detector works from a built-in Li-ion battery; there is a USB charging cord. 

Buying a metal detector Equinox 900 will help solving your treasure hunting tasks. The quality of the detector will allow making the searching operation more comfortable and interesting.


Type Ground
Frequency 4/5/10/15/20/40 kHz & Multi-IQ
Battery type Li-Ion
Weight 1.27 kg
Length 610-1440 mm
Sensitivity 25 modes
Water resistance Up to 5 meters
Beginners No
Advanced Yes
Professional Yes
Treasure and artifacts Yes
Beach finds Yes
Underwater Yes
Gold Yes
Frequency up to 9 kHz Yes
Frequency 10-15 kHz Yes
Frequency from 16 kHz Yes
Coil 11-14" Yes
Coil from 15" No
DD coil Yes
PinPoint Yes
Water resistant 5 m
Volume control Yes
Display backlight Yes
Headphone jack 3.5 mm

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