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Minelab 10x5" Elliptical Easy-Sweep Gold Search Coil (Eureka / Gold Striker / XT Series)


10x5" Search Coil from Minelab, Compatible with Compatible with Minelab Eureka Gold, Gold Striker and XT Series

This 10x5" Minelab search coil was made for the Eureka Gold metal detector. This coil is the standard Double-D search coil that comes with each Eureka Gold detector. An ideal, versatile, all-purpose coil.

  • 10" in Diameter
  • Very Sensitive to Small Gold Nuggets
  • Compatible with Minelab Eureka Gold, Gold Striker and XT
  • Achieves Good Depth and Ground Coverage in Most Terrains


Model Eureka / Gold Striker / XT Series
Coil type DD
Frequency 6.4 / 20 / 60 kHz
Dimension 25x12 cm
Type Coil

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