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SOLD OUT Ticket to "Go Minelabbing Latvia 2019"


56.720912, 23.159939

This ticket gives you the right to enter and participate in the prize draw at the Go Minelabbing Latvia 2019 event, which will take place on 4 May from 12:00 to 16:30 at the secret address. An approximate location will be shown on the map:


More information:
The exact coordinates of the event will be kept secret and revealed on the day of the rally. For now, you will see the approximate location on this map in order to understand which direction to take. The exact location will be posted on this page on May 4 at 09:00 in the form of a map and coordinates, and all relevant information will also be published in the event group on Facebook. Join the group, following this link:
As soon as we receive your payment for a ticket purchased on the website, our operators will contact you and send you the ticket by e-mail in pdf format.
Please pay attention that the ticket price of 10 EUR is valid until April 21. From April 21 to May 3, the price will be 15 EUR. The number of participants is limited. Please note that the tickets are on sale until May 3rd. Buying tickets on the spot will not be possible.
A lot of the participants want to take their children to the event. That's why, in order to prepare enough anything for everyone, we kindly ask those participants who are going to join the event together with their family members to send an email to the address and mention your personal data indicated in the ticket, as well as the number of family members you plan to bring along.
We remind you that 1 ticket is valid for entry to the event for 1 person with a detector + family members.
The validity and compliance of each ticket will be assessed at the entrance to the event by checking personal data on the ticket and in your identification document (ID, passport, driver's license with relevant data).
 The organizer has the right to refuse to sell the ticket without explaining the reasons and return the money to the buyer in the prescribed manner.
The organizer has the right to refuse the right to enter or force the participant to leave the event, without explaining the reasons.
Each ticket can be authorized only once at the entrance to the event. At the entrance, we will put an identifying incompressible bracelet on your hand, which will give you the opportunity to freely enter and leave the event.
By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the rules established by the organizer.
Information phone number: +371 26206080
Attention! Due to the huge demand for the tickets, we have issued additional 50 tickets to the event and added 5 more coins and prizes. Hurry up to purchase your ticket, the number of places is limited!

Beginners Yes
Advanced Yes
Professional Yes
Treasure and artifacts Yes
Beach finds Yes
Gold Yes

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