Detect-Ed Universal carbon shaft for detectors Equinox LS Red-Belly Black


For ensuring great results of your search, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the equipment. A universal rod for detectors Equinox LS Red-Belly Black guarantees the reliability of the coil fastening and won’t let you down in any situation. 

A universal set consists of a long detector top rod designed for fastening the search coil and the arm support, as well as a shorter bottom detector rod. When the tubes are connected, their length can be adjusted.  

Features of the rod:

  • Both parts are made from carbon fibre so they feature durability and small weight. 

  • The rods can be easily connected with a hex-nut wrench (comes as part of the set).

  • Special construction doesn’t let in dirt. 

  • The search coil and the arm support are connected with the help of durable plastic latches. .

It is convenient to buy a rod for metal detectors as a part of the two-piece set. You can also purchase carbon parts of the rod separately. 


Manufacturer Detect-Ed
Model Equinox LS Red-Belly
Material Carbon
Weight 170 gr

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