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Metāla detektors Garrett ATX


A professional detector of metals in khaki colour that will interest experienced searchers is the model Garrett ATX. Besides the non-standard construction design the device is characterized by compact dimensions, good technical characteristics and incredible sensitivity.

Metal detector has the length of 51 centimetres when folded and 172 cm in the working state. The weight of the device is 2500 grams. Thanks to absolutely waterproof properties, the model can be immersed into the water at the depth of up to 3 meters. 

Main advantages of the metal detector:

  • 10*12” search coil.

  • Built-in Pinpointer and discriminator.

  • Operates in any soil type, in the conditions of litter and soil mineralization. 

  • Searches in the hardly accessible places.

  • Detects small targets at the depth of up to 40 cm.

The device has no display. But its 25 built-in factory settings will completely compensate this. The data is displayed on the control box thanks to the light indication. 

 You can buy a metal detector complete with a case, a charger, a headset and an accumulator.


Tips Grunts
Frekvence kHz 0.73 kHz
Barošana 8xAA
Spole (collās) 10"x12"
Svars 2.5 kg
Vidējā klase
Artefakti un dārgumi
Pludmales atradumi
Frekvence līdz 9 kHz
Frekvence 10-15 kHz
Frekvence no 16 kHz
Spole līdz 10"
Spole līdz 11-14"
Spole no 15"
DD spole
Ūdens izturīgs 3 m
Skaļuma regulēšana
Displeja apgaismojums

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