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Metal detector Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack


Metal detector Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack is a universal device, able to provide maximum search accuracy. Among all of the Vanquish detectors this very model will help to ultimately approach the desired goal of finding the treasure. 

Advantages of the metal detector:

  • The Multi-IQ multiwave technology makes it possible to make findings in inaccessible spots and difficult soil type.

  • Two waterproof 8” and 12” coils detect targets at any depth.

  • Built-in pinpointer.

  • 4 for factory settings can be completed with your own programme.

  • 25 discrimination segments.

  • Noise stabilization and automatic ground balance.

  • 10 sensitivity levels.

  • Has built-in Bluetooth.

Detector of metals has the length of 76 cm when folded and 145 cm when unfolded. Small weight (1.3 kg) makes the device convenient for long travels. Both beginners and average searchers can buy a metal detector and feel like a real treasure hunter. All

Factory Included Accessories:

  • Two waterproof coils (12*8" / 8*5")
  • Coil cover
  • Armrest 
  • Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • 4 x AA NiMH rechargeable


Type Ground+Pinpointer
Display backlight Yes
Volume control Yes
PinPoint Yes
DD coil Yes
Purpose Treasure and artifacts / Beach finds / Gold
Class Advanced / Professional
Target identification Regular + metal target identification
Frequency Multi-IQ
LIght diod Yes
Audio Bluetooth
Sensitivity Adjusting, 10 modes
Length 760-1450 mm
Weight 1.3 kg
Coil 12"x9" / 8"x5" DD
Battery type 4xAA / 1.5 V
3.5mm headphone jack Yes

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● Available 12 pcs.
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