Code: DEUS-22-RC-WS5

Metal detector XP Deus 22 RC WS5 with 22cm coil and WS5 headphones


The first wireless detector and the first fully telescopic S-shaped stem.
XP DEUS marks a technological breakthrough and is a real innovation in metal detector design. Its patented architecture is based on three elements:
  • Coil
  • Remote Control unit
  • Audio Headphones
Each communicates with one another other via a real time digital radio link. This genius in design utilises unique patented technology designed from the ground up specifically for metal detecting. The result is a highly efficient communication system with clear audio and low power consumption. A ‘spin off’ of this is it saves weight and there are no more coil and headphone cables to get tangled or broken.
Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness have all been achieved by the incorporation of components developed for leading-edge technologies. The search coil contains an ultra miniature processing circuit incorporating all the essential components for processing the signals. Signals are digitised and analysed directly at source by this circuit and once processed, sent to the headphones and/or remote control in real time via digital radio link. This system greatly improves the acquisition quality of signal data.
ADDITIONAL features and functions:
4 Non-Motion modes:
  •     PINPOINT
  •     NON MOTION AUDIO DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter and audio discrimination,
  •     NON MOTION ALL METAL - These Non motion modes are useful for example to locate cache inside houses, cellars. For conventional searching on fields Motion programs are better.
On the main menu:
  •     Ground mineralisation meter
  •     Signal strength meter featuring Accept/Reject indicator
  •     Audio Response - Expert- Audio overload setting- to choose an overload sound when a target is close to the coil
  •     Program 7: WET BEACH -Deeper wet beach program
  •     Program 8: becomes DRY BEACH, Suitable for dry sand.


  • 4 frequencies (4kHz ; 8kHz ; 12kHz ; 18kHz) + shift plus/minus
  • Power and Recovery adjustable (2 or 3 times faster/slower than the Gold Maxx Power)
  • Audio Response, Iron level, Multi tone, Notch, Discrimination etc…
  • Many advanced functions (Expert)
  • Ground balance: Tracking, Pumping, Manual, Beach
  • Motion and 4 non-motion modes
  • Extended discrimination range, with even greater precision for iron
  • Pre-configured factory programmes (9 Switch on and go programs) and memory of personal programmes


  • Wireless digital link, multichannel automatic (36 channels)
  • Ultra light detector: 987g Full - 887g without wireless control box (hip-mountable).
  • 9" Carbon fibre impregnated 2D coil, both light and waterproof including coil cover
  • Wireless Backphone, rain proof, light and foldable (Backphone removable), with its own operation controls and screen, with transport case
  • USB standard protocol to recharge and download new software/update (via XP website)
  • Lithium battery, very compact (9g).
  • Battery life of Backphone: 27 hours
  • Fast and intelligent charger, Charge simultaneously the 3 elements (Remote control, Coil & Backphones in 2 hours)
  • Optional: Larger coil 34cm/28cm (13"X11") DD - Mini emergency charger - Car charger.


Frequency 4-18kHz
Battery type Accumulator
Coil 9" DD
Weight 1 kg

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